Thursday, July 26, 2007

Crockpot Salsa Chicken

I first heard someone mention this on the What's Cooking Board of the Nest. I found a recipe for it at, but mainly its just chicken and salsa! I used 3 boneless skinless chicken breasts, jar of salsa, can of black beans and a can of corn. I cooked it on low for 8 hours. I probably would wait until the end next time to put the corn and beans in, but it was very delicious. I think someone also mentioned adding taco seasoning, but mine was very good as is. I had mine with tortillas that I had brushed with olive oil and baked. Brad had his in regular soft tortillas. He said it was"fantabulous!" and that is good considering he can be picky.

Fresh tomato salsa? That is what I was going for but I think it was more like pico-de-gallo? It was great whatever it was. I used fresh tomatoes from my sister's garden (they were small-either roma or cherry?), half of a jalepeno that I had seeded and had been in the freezer, a little chopped onion, a few spoonfuls minced garlic, lots of cilantro, and a dash of salt. I also added a little sugar although I'm not sure why. As you can tell this was an experiment, but I think it turned out quite well.

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